West Virginia Doesn't Need an Intermediate Court

Tell Lawmakers: Don't Waste Our Tax Dollars on Bigger Government

Billion-dollar, multinational corporate special interests and Big Insurance are demanding that West Virginia legislators create an intermediate court.  This court will make our judicial system even bigger and cost taxpayers millions every year.

The direct cost to taxpayers is more than $6 million.  Most of that is just for personnel costs-- $4.8 million for judges, lawyers and staff.   This amount doesn't include the millions more that will be needed for lawyers in state departments and agencies that will need to handle appeals in from of this new court.  This includes the Attorney General, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Administration, Tax Department and more!

What's worse is that West Virginia doesn't even need it!

  • The West Virginia Supreme Court had just 1029 filings last year, a decline of 12 percent from the 2019 total.  Appeals also declined, from 931 in 2019 to just 840 in 2020.  Since 1999, appeals have declined by nearly 77 percent. You don't make our judicial branch bigger when appeals are in rapid decline.  
  • Civil case appeals have declined by nearly 75 percent since 2004.  There were 402 civil appeals that year.  In 2020, there were just 107.
  • Small states like West Virginia have smaller state governments.  West Virginia is one of 10 states without an intermediate court because our smaller population and decreased case load do not justify the increased cost to taxpayers.

Tell the West Virginia Legislature: Don’t waste our limited tax dollars on an intermediate court we don’t need.