Issue Background


We believe not only in helping people through an immediate crisis, but also in funding programs that help people develop the tools they need to provide for themselves and their families. 

Over the past decade spending on housing has outpaced earnings of Rhode Island households, leaving many Rhode Islanders to be housing cost burdened. In 2016 UWRI led and organize a Housing For All Summit to engage members of the public in a conversation on the rising cost of housing and the social and economic impact it is having on people across the state. We released the Housing for All report that listed recommendations to make housing affordable and invested $155,000 into programs to implement those recommendations. Additionally, we are the lead agency for the Yes on 7 campaign to have $50 million invested in affordable housing. UWRI will also continue to advocate for the necessary policies and resources to achieve the goals of the Zero: 2016, a statewide campaign to end veterans and chronic homelessness and legislation to support long term state investment in housing.