Participation Decrease and Fiscal Loss

Shared by Ethelene Sadler - 8/8/2019

Our district has 6/8 Community Eligibility Provision schools. This change would greatly impact our students, which is our highest priority. CEP does reflect a weak economy in our district, however the children that are served through this program have no control over the economy or the financial status of the family they were born into.

Having the Community Eligibility Provision has made a positive impact on breakfast and lunch participation, and also been a great help in dealing with unpaid meal debt. CEP gives us an advantage of providing breakfast, lunch and snack or supper to many students that need good food for breakfast & lunch.

The loss of CEP or student eligibility is a great concern because of the potential of a participation decrease and student charges. Respectfully ask this measure be re-considered for the benefit of school children. The Identified Student Percentage of Directly Certified students is extremely important for our division to remain CEP eligible.

The fiscal impact would be detrimental also, due to families affordability to pay for meals, and resulting in accrued unpaid meal debt. Nutrition is essential to learning.....please keep this in mind.