Why I love my FSA/HSA - please save them!

Shared by Shannon Brekke - 5/27/2016

I love having the option of my FSA/HSA plans. They are both wonderful ways to help manage health care costs. I, like many other employees in America, am finding that our deductibles go higher and higher, and somehow even though deductibles are going higher, so are premiums, where initially that was the idea that these HSA-compatible medical plans will offer lower premiums, allowing us to put towards HSA plans. Now I am lucky in that my employer helps a lot with our premiums, so I've only seen a slight increase, but I see over and over where that isn't the case, making it impossible for people to get ahead with higher deductibles, putting more toward both premiums and deductibles. Why not give employees the option of making use of FSA/HSA plans if they can find the dollars to do so, allowing them to help pay for higher deductibles? I really, really, hope FSA/HSA plans are able to survive the challenges ahead. We deserve that.

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