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Basic Voting Information

Registration Deadline for your district:

October 8, 2022

Register to vote:

Rhode Island Voter Registration

Your Polling Place:

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Polling Place Hours:


What you need to know on election day:

Voting at the Polling Place Overview

In order to vote at the polling place, you need to be registered to vote 30 days before the primary or election. If you missed the deadline, in Presidential elections you may be eligible to vote for President/Vice-President Only at your local Board of Canvassers.

If you were already registered to vote in Rhode Island, but moved and did not update your address by the deadline, you may qualify for a Limited Ballot.


Poll workers will ask you to show a current and valid photo ID when you vote at your polling place. If you do not bring an acceptable photo ID to the polls, you may cast a provisional ballot.

The following is a list of photo IDs you can show at the polling place:

  • RI driver's license/permit
  • US passport
  • ID card issued by any federally recognized tribal government
  • ID card issued by an educational institution in the United States
  • US military identification card
  • ID card issued by the US government or State of Rhode Island (RIPTA bus pass, etc.)
  • Government issued medical card
  • RI Voter ID card

Election Dates:

Primary Day:
September 13, 2022
Election Day:
November 8, 2022