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Issue Background

State Offices of Outdoor Recreation

Governors and state legislative leadership understand that the multi-billion dollar U.S. outdoor recreation and tourism economies are known drivers of healthy and sustainable jobs and development. As a result, several states have elevated the importance of outdoor recreation by creating Offices of Outdoor Recreation with directors who report to the governor. These offices are responsible for promoting outdoor recreation, including the modernization and expansion of campgrounds.

The RV Industry Association supports the creation of Offices of Outdoor Recreation in all 50 states. 

Outdoor recreation currently accounts for 2.2% of the U.S. GDP and supports more than 4.5 million jobs—but this powerhouse sector of the economy has the potential to grow even larger when states focus on strategically growing the outdoor recreation economy in their state. Offices of Outdoor Recreation (OREC) do just that by bolstering outdoor recreation business opportunities while helping to conserve and provide access to the iconic public lands that millions of Americans enjoy each year.

OREC offices play a critical role in increasing outdoor recreation participation by working with local communities to improve infrastructure, coordinating recreation efforts statewide and promoting the benefits of engaging in outdoor recreation among the citizens of their state. These offices have proven to be exceptionally effective at encouraging increased use of the great outdoors and greater participation in outdoor recreation means a stronger economy.