Tell the Aurora City Council that banning retail pet sales is not the answer!

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We need you and everyone you know to send emails to members of the Aurora, IL City Council in support of local small businesses, regulated sources of pets, and consumer choice TODAY!

The Rules, Administration, and Procedure Committee has been discussing the issue during special Committee meetings for the past few months. The Committee is likely to follow up with future hearings before they make a recommendation to the full City Council on whether to ban the retail sale of pets in Aurora.

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Banning the retail sale of pets in Aurora is well-intended but is a misguided attempt to stop bad actors. Prohibitions such as a pet sale ban do not stop scofflaws and bad breeders, who already do not prioritize animal health or wellbeing, because these bans do not put any bad actors out of business.

Aurora officials need to hear from you that retail pet sale bans have the unintended consequence of fostering growth in online scams, as well as the underground, unregulated market for puppy sales where there is no oversight and there is no system in place to protect animal welfare or the families who bring these pets into their homes.

Banning the retail sale of pets in Aurora, IL only punishes those law-abiding small businesses and the responsible and regulated sources of pets that they work with who are highly regulated and required to be licensed and inspected.

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