NY Pet Care Community: Ask New York Lawmakers Not to Advance S.1130/A.4283

Ask New York Lawmakers to OPPOSE the Pet Sale Ban

URGENT: Ask New York Lawmakers Not to Advance S.1130/A.4283

Lawmakers in Albany are trying to pass a bill that puts the future of the entire New York pet care community at risk and limits the rights of all prospective New York pet owners. Please contact New York legislators immediately asking them to OPPOSE S.1130/A.4283. 

What’s at stake:

Legislation currently being considered in Albany – S.1130 (Gianaris)/A.4283 (Rosenthal) – would prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across New York State, and fundamentally alter how pet store owners conduct business in our state. 

Under current law, the responsible breeders that pet stores partner with are the most regulated and inspected sources for New Yorkers to purchase a puppy, kitten or bunny. Responsible breeders and pet store owners offer future pet owners the ability to choose a pet that is the best fit for their specific needs, and legal protections for them and their animals.

We all agree that bad breeders need to be shut down, but this misguided bill will not do that. In reality, the bad breeders this legislation targets will go untouched while responsible pet store owners pay the price and will be forced to close their doors and lay off hardworking New Yorkers. Families who are seeking a specific breed of dog will be driven to unregulated sources, and could fall victim to scams.

What you can do:

  1. Use the form below to send a message to New York lawmakers urging them to vote NO on the pet sale ban.
  2. Spread the word: Contact everyone you know in New York or in the pet trade and urge them to send emails to these legislators. The more people that speak out about how this legislation punishes responsible pet store owners and limits pet choice, the better chance we have to stop it in its tracks.

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