Support Civil Immunity Protections to Physicians During COVID-19 (HB 605)

Contact your State Senator and ask him or her to support House Bill 605, which would provide limited civil immunity protections for physicians and other health care providers who follow the orders from the state and federal governments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

House Bill 605, which is intended to provide predictability for liability cases to reduce frivolous lawsuits, was approved by the Pa. House on April 6, and now is awaiting consideration in the Pa. Senate. The bill also would expedite cases through a three-person panel arbitration, which is already used in cases that are less than $50,000.

Physicians are the frontlines of the pandemic, caring for COVID-19 patients. They too deserve to be protected and should not have to fear unfair, opportunistic lawsuits.

Contact your State Senator today and ask them to support House Bill 605.