Oppose CRNP Independent Practice (SB 25)

SB 25 would allow CRNPs to practice independently in Pennsylvania, without a collaborative agreement with a physician.

In Pennsylvania, CRNPs are already free to diagnose, establish treatment plans, order diagnostic imaging studies and other tests, and prescribe almost all of the same medications that physicians prescribe. And, if they choose, they can already independently provide patient care anywhere in the state as long as they maintain a collaborative agreement with a physician. It is this collaborative agreement that ensures that a physician is available should a nurse encounter a complex case that requires a physician's knowledge and expertise. The education and training differences between physicians and CRNPs is significant. A physician's rigorous education and training better prepares them to diagnose and treat complex cases and patients with multiple conditions.

While CRNPs are valuable members of the health care team, physicians and nurses are not interchangeable. SB 25 would remove physicians from the health care team, and fragment patient care.


Urge your State Senator to oppose SB 25.