Support Restrictive Covenant Legislation (Support HB 681)

As hospitals and health systems continue to gain power through consolidation, it has become very difficult for physicians to leave hospital employment and practice independently in the same community as their patients due to restrictive covenants.

Nothing is more important in health care today than the relationship between a patient and their physician. In many cases, the use of non-compete agreements by hospitals is severing this important bond. Physicians choose to leave hospital employment for a whole host of reasons. But when they choose to do so, why should their patients suffer the consequences of losing access to a physician who has cared for them for many years?

It doesn’t have to happen. House Bill 681 will ensure that hospitals will no longer be able to stand between patients and their physicians. And physicians will gain the freedom to practice where they choose.

Physicians are encouraged to send emails and make phone calls to urge their state Representative to support HB 681.