Support Licensure Parity for International Medical Grads in Pa. (HB 245)

A bill to level the playing field for international medical graduates (IMGs) relative to medical licensure continues to advance at the Capitol in Harrisburg.

House Bill 245, introduced by Rep. Aaron Kaufer, was recently passed by the House and is now awaiting consideration by the Senate.

IMGs in Pennsylvania – that is, physicians who graduated from a medical school outside of the U.S. and Canada – are required to complete three years of Graduate Medical Education (GME) training in a residency program to be eligible for full licensure. By contrast, U.S. and Canadian medical graduates must complete two years of residency to become fully licensed.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) believes that the current requirements for IMG physicians create unnecessary delays for qualified physicians who wish to begin treating patients. IMG physicians are held to the same demanding educational standards as students attending medical schools in the U.S. and Canada, and the training requirements for licensure should reflect that.

PAMED supports HB 245. Please urge your state Senator to do the same.