Register to Vote

One of the most important ways anyone can help save unborn babies is with their vote. The impact pro-life voters make in sending pro-life candidates to Congress is immeasurable. Research demonstrates that pro-life legislation saves lives, which pro-lifers celebrate and pro-abortionists loathe.

Every life saved is priceless.

If you’ve not voted previously, you do have to register. That only makes sense. But many, many people who have voted before have also moved. They may not know that if they have not updated their records, they will be ineligible to vote.

Let’s start with basics. If you are 18 years old by Election Day, you are old enough to vote. The first question is … are you registered to vote?

You do not need to register again if you registered to vote for a prior election and still live at the same address. However, if you have never voted before, or have not voted while living at your current address, you will need to register.

Imagine getting all excited on Election Day about voting for the first time, or for the first time in a new address, only to find that—through some simple oversight—you’re not properly registered. It’s too late! Your unhappiness will be compounded by the knowledge that pro-abortion forces are out there working hard to register their own people.

Perhaps the easiest way to complete a voter registration application is to go through National Right to Life’s tool below.  The process is very user-friendly.

One caveat: Since registration is done through your state, the information you must submit may vary. Registration deadlines also vary widely, with many states setting them about a month in advance of the election.

  • The information you submit in the form below will auto-fill the National Mail Voter Registration Form.
  • Please refer to the General Instructions for additional required information, like a Driver’s License or Social Security number, and an acknowledgment that you are 18 years or older.
  • You must print and sign the form for the registration application to be valid.
  • After the form is completed, please print and mail it. Refer to the State Specific instructions on the following page to locate the correct mailing address.