Federal - HR 552

The "Second Chance at Life Act of 2021"


January 28, 2021


H.R. 554, the "Second Chance at Life Act of 2021," has been introduced by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO).

This bill would require doctors to inform women seeking a chemical abortion that the abortion can potentially be stopped and reversed in order to save the baby, if she changes her mind after taking the first dose. A woman must be informed 24 hours in advance that reversing the abortion is possible after administering the first of a two-dose process.

This bill also requires that this information be publicly posted at the clinic where these abortions are provided.

National Right to Life strongly supports this life-saving legislation.

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    Gooden, Lance (R-Texas)
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    Bilirakis, (R-Fla.)Huizenga, (R-Mich.)Pfluger, (R-Texas)
    Boebert, (R-Colo.)Jackson, (R-Texas)Reschenthaler, (R-Pa.)
    Budd, (R-N.C.)Johnson, M. (R-La.)Rogers, M. (R-Ala.)
    Carl, (R-Ala.)Jordan, (R-Ohio)Rosendale, (R-Mont.)
    Cawthorn, (R-N.C.)Joyce, (R-Pa.)Rutherford, (R-Fla.)
    Cloud, (R-Texas)Kelly, M. (R-Pa.)Smucker, (R-Pa.)
    Duncan, Jeff (R-S.C.)Kelly, T. (R-Miss.)Steube, (R-Fla.)
    Estes, (R-Kan.)Kustoff, (R-Tenn.)Weber, (R-Texas)
    Fleischmann, (R-Tenn.)LaMalfa, (R-Calif.)Wenstrup, (R-Ohio)
    Franklin, (R-Fla.)Latta, (R-Ohio)Westerman, (R-Ark.)
    Gaetz, (R-Fla.)LaTurner, (R-Kan.)Williams, (R-Texas)
    Gibbs, (R-Ohio)Lesko, (R-Ariz.)Wilson, J. (R-S.C.)
    Good, (R-Va.)Luetkemeyer, (R-Mo.)Wittman, (R-Va.)
    Grothman, (R-Wis.)Mast, (R-Fla.)Wright, (R-Texas)
  • Jan. 28, 2021 — Read twice and referred to: House Energy and Commerce.Congressional Record p. H243