Colorado Elected Officials: Respect Consumers' Right to Make Smart Energy Choices

We Coloradans that are signing this petition want elected officials to know just how important energy diversity is to our families and communities. We are especially concerned about suggestions that all homes and buildings in Colorado should be powered by electricity only. Relying on a single source of energy is a dangerous proposition.

Consumers should have the right to choose the clean energy source that works best for them.  Electric mandates also undermine exciting developments within the energy marketplace to develop a wide range of sustainable and alternative low-carbon fuels that complement electricity.

Gas must be protected for the following reasons:

  • Propane and natural gas are reliable, providing energy security.
  • Natural gas and propane are affordable.
  • Propane and natural gas are sustainable. Renewable propane and natural gas have a carbon footprint on par with electricity.
  • Gas is resilient. In addition to providing primary heat to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, water treatment facilities, hospitals, and other essential services rely on propane and natural gas for back-up power.

We have serious concerns with electric-mandates. Blackouts threaten powering essential life-sustaining equipment for the vulnerable and elderly communities, and stranded electric vehicles are unable to transport people during emergency evacuations. Too many states around us are suffering the consequences of shortcomings in the electric grid.

Given all these environmental and economic benefits of using gas, and risks associated with a shortsighted policy of electrification, we urge you provide a responsible clean energy solution for Colorado with policies that promote gas as part of our energy diversity mix. Specifically, we ask that you ensure propane and natural gas are not part of any building or transportation bans or disincentives.

Thank you for your consideration.