Issue Background

Housing Choice Vouchers

NLIHC supports:

  • Voucher reform legislation that does not include:
    • time limits,
    • MTW expansion beyond what was in 2012’s stakeholder agreement, or
    • minimum rent increases without strong improvements to hardship exemptions.
  • Legislation to require or incentivize state and regional voucher administration.
  • Increased number of incremental vouchers.
  • Full funding for all current vouchers in FY16 HUD budget and funds to restore 67,000 vouchers lost because of the 2013 sequester cuts.
  • Broader use of HUD’s  Small Area Fair Market Rents in the voucher program.

Housing Choice Vouchers help low income Americans find affordable housing in the private housing market by reimbursing the landlord for the difference between what a household can afford to pay in rent and the rent itself.

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