Issue Background

Federal Budget and Appropriations

NLIHC monitors the federal budget process and advocates for the highest possible appropriations for HUD and USDA Rural Housing Service programs, while assuring sufficient funding to preserve all existing low income housing resources and prevent the loss of units affordable to, or rental assistance for, extremely low income households.


The Budget Control Act of 2011 imposed strict “sequester level” spending caps for nondefense discretionary spending. These caps would effectively provide flat funding in FY16 for nondefense discretionary spending, compared to FY15 funding levels.

The House and Senate are currently working on their respective FY16 HUD and USDA spending bills. Housing advocates are urging Congress to negotiate an end to the sequester level spending caps for at least FY16. Until the sequester caps are removed, HUD and USDA appropriations bills will be insufficient to provide for housing programs in FY16.

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