Issue Background

The National Network

Amtrak runs trains across a 21,300-mile rail network, serving people in over 500 communities in 46 states.

With 89 million additional Americans expected by the year 2050, investing in rail lines to accommodate this growth will determine whether we are faced almost exclusively with sprawling, road-dependent suburbs or will the universe of livable, navigable communities grow substantially.

NARP believes the current Amtrak system is skeletal at best. Experience has shown that when additional frequencies are added to existing routes, revenues rise faster than costs. When new routes are added, ridership on connecting routes also goes up. 

NARP's vision is for an expanded national network of passenger trains (short, medium, and long-distance), putting 80% of Americans within 25 miles of a train station served by frequent, fast, and reliable trains providing top-notch customer service. NARP also seeks to have at least one high-speed rail line with trains operating at a maximum speed of at least 220 mph in operation by 2025. Finally, NARP seeks enhanced connectivity between intercity trains and airports, intercity buses, local transit, cycling and walking, and car rental and sharing service for a seamless multi-modal transportation network