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MSNJ Supports Vaccination for Measles and other Preventable Diseases
MSNJ supports childhood vaccination, including the MMR vaccination, which is required for children entering school and among a schedule of recommended immunizations before children turn 19 months old. New Jersey's vaccination rate for measles, mumps, and rubella is 95.6 percent for children younger than 3, which is fourth in the country. While Governor Christie was quoted earlier in the week stating that parents should have "some measure of choice" as to whether their children should be vaccinated, he has since clarified that he supports childhood vaccination. Pediatricians and healthcare professionals are unified in support of these vaccinations. This is particularly important as there are now suspected cases of measles in New Jersey. Read the NJ Spotlight article quoting MSNJ members Dr. Herb Conaway and Dr. Margaret Fisher. Read the latest public health alert from the NJDOH. Dr. Ted Louie, member of MSNJ, comments on the safety of childhood vaccines.

See MSNJ's talking points on vaccinations.

MSNJ member, Dr. Ted Louie, participated in a special radio town hall on NJ 101.5 this week.  Watch the video record of the event.

NJ Department of Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd has now made statements supporting vaccinations, despite the Governor’s misstep earlier this month.