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Paid Time Off

MSNJ recently adopted policy that would urge to employers provide paid sick leave for employees.  Cities across the State are mandating paid sick leave and legislation has been introduced in both houses that requires a uniform calculation for paid time off.  Under the bill, employees accrues one hour of earned sick leave for every 30 hours worked.  The employer is not required to permit the employee to accrue at any one time, or carry forward from one year to the next, more than 40 hours of earned sick leave if the employer has less than 10 employees in the State, or more than 72 hours of earned sick leave if the employer has 10 or more employees.  The employer is required to pay the employee for earned sick leave at the same rate of pay with the same benefits as the employee normally earns, except that the pay rate may not be less than the State minimum wage.  See coalition support at these sites:

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