Support Telehealth. Support House Bill 5651.

Patients expect - and physicians deliver - the same quality of care no matter where, no matter how

Telehealth has proven to be an important care delivery method, especially for those in underserved communities, areas with physician shortages, and areas with limited access to primary care services.  During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians quickly adopted telehealth to ensure continuity of care while minimizing the spread of COVID-19.  Payers also temporarily removed some of the regulatory and administrative barriers that were limiting telehealth use and payment of telehealth services, including payment at in-person rates. From then to now, including the most recent Omicron surge, patients have flocked to telehealth appointments in droves, accessing their physicians in a way that is safe, timely, and effective.


With patient access becoming more limited and payments reverting to pre-pandemic rates, the time is right to make these equitable policies permanent given that telehealth is, and will continue to be, an effective method of health care delivery.  House Bill 5651 will require payment and coverage parity for telemedicine services the same as if the service were provided in-person, ensuring patients have access to quality care while allowing telehealth to remain a sustainable option for physicians to offer.


Please contact your state Representative today and urge them to vote ‘Yes’ on House Bill 5651.