Support the Push for Behavioral Health Integration

The Senate’s efforts to reform Michigan’s Medicaid program by introducing and discussing Senate Bills 597 and 598 are necessary and much appreciated. Integrating physical and behavioral health care services is critical to ensure each patient receives the person-centered care required to maximize their overall well-being. Further, when physicians, other health care professionals, and patients are supported in working together as a team toward common goals, better coordination, communication, and outcomes ensue.

To be responsive to the needs of patients across the entire spectrum of symptom severity, legislation must include a clinical model that removes existing barriers and care delays by advancing seamless integration amongst clinicians across specialties and care settings.  A system grounded in collaborative care provides the expertise necessary to provide patients with the highest quality care across all clinical areas such as prevention, chronic disease management, and acute care. Senate Bills 597 and 598 take some positive steps toward needed integration, however, further improvements are necessary to address the many hurdles our patients are facing.

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