Advocates: Tell your lawmaker to protect access to care by supporting HB 4486 and SB 314

For thousands of auto accident victims and their families, Michigan’s no-fault system was a saving grace, providing essential lifetime care and access to needed therapies and treatments. Sadly, that system has been dismantled, leaving limited access to care for accident survivors and consumers.

One key element of the new auto insurance law that requires an immediate fix is the provider fee schedule, which caps reimbursement for most post-acute brain injury rehabilitation services including home care at 55% of what the provider was charging for these services on January 1, 2019.

However, new House and Senate bills, HB 4486 and SB 314, offers a budget-neutral solution that would enable the continued care of survivors. HB 4486 and SB 314 will adjust brain injury rehabilitation, home care and other therapy services to align with the fee schedule reimbursement cap of 200% of the Medicare reimbursement rate, which will keep quality providers viable and protect access to care.

It’s a crucial time to tell your legislator that you support HB 4486 and SB 314 and that they have a responsibility to protect auto accident victims’ right to recover. You are welcome to add your own experience and story to personalize the message.

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