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  • How to submit written testimony: House & Senate

    Missouri School Boards Assoc

    The House has just added a Written Testimony Online form that is at the top corner of the committee hearing's pop-out window. When you click on the link, you will be able to copy and paste your testimony. See example below and Frequently Answered Questions.

  • NSBA Continues to Urge Congress for K-12 Funding: Homework Gap, Educator Professional Development

    Missouri School Boards Assoc

    The National School Boards Association (NSBA) continues to call on Congress to pass K-12 education funding in a COVID relief bill by the end of the year.

  • Graphics: Post-election Results

    Missouri School Boards Assoc

    Here's an 'at a glance' look at the make up of the Missouri House, Senate and Congressional Delegation after Tuesday's election.

  • MSBA joins 13 other education associations urging defeat of omnibus education bills


    Members of the Missouri General Assembly:
    As the Missouri General Assembly has reconvened, we respectfully request the Legislature take a slow and careful approach with regard to any new public policy that impacts education. As you know, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been severe on Missouri's economy. Local economies have also been affected, and local political subdivisions are bracing for significant financial stress. The economic devastation we face will rival the Great Recession of 2008, and perhaps the Great Depression of the 1930's.

    Read the full letter to the Missouri General Assembly.

  • Missouri lawmakers pass pared-down state budget


    COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri House on Wednesday passed a stripped-down state budget for the upcoming fiscal year in anticipation of plunging revenues because of the coronavirus.

    House lawmakers slashed core agency budgets by roughly $146 million compared to this year and cut more than $450 million in planned new government spending, including a 2% raise for state employees.

    The next fiscal year begins July 1.

    Legislators have been off work for weeks over concerns about spreading COVID-19 by gathering in the Jefferson City Capitol building. They returned Monday in an attempt to overhaul next year’s budget, which originally had been based on rosier revenue projections made before the virus ground the state’s economy to a halt.

    Read the full article. 

  • Education Roundtable issues statement of concern on charter school expansion/voucher legislation

    Education Roundtable

    The Education Roundtable, made up of the major statewide education organizations in the state, stands united against legislation that would authorize charter school expansion and tax credit vouchers in Missouri. If enacted into law, these bills (SB 649, SB 603 and SB 581) have the potential to do serious, long-term harm to Missouri’s 900,000 public school students.

  • Legislative Priorities 2020

    Board of Directors, MSBA

    The MSBA Board of Directors has approved the following legislative priorities for the 2020 regular session of the General Assembly:

    Support enactment of legislation to ensure a safe educational environment for all children. (MSBA Resolution: School, Community and Family Relations – Safe Schools)

    Support legislation to strengthen mental health resources in schools.  (MSBA Resolution: School, Community and Family Relations – Comprehensive School Health Services) 

    Oppose legislation that moves school board elections from April to November.  (MSBA Resolution: School Board Governance and Operations – School Board Elections)

    Support funding to ensure adequate resources for all districts to meet state and federal standards.  (MSBA Resolutions:  Curriculum and Accountability – Student Achievement; Curriculum and Accountability - Student Assessment Costs; Federal – E-Rate; ESEA; Finance – Priority in Appropriations; Finance – Public School Funding)

    Oppose any legislation authorizing vouchers, tuition tax credits or deductions or other similar programs that erode support for public schools.  (MSBA Resolutions:  Finance – Diversion of Existing Revenue; Finance - Non-Public School Funding)

    Support legislation that will provide adequate funding and support to all school districts to offer quality voluntary pre-kindergarten programs and consolidate the responsibility to one state agency, DESE.  (MSBA Resolutions:  Condition of Children – Oversight of Pre-Kindergarten Education programs; Condition of Children – Pre-Kindergarten Education Programs)

    Support legislation that enhances effective local control of public schools. (MSBA Resolution:  Governance – Local Control)

    Oppose interdistrict choice legislation that erodes local control.  (MSBA Resolution:  Governance – Interdistrict Choice)

    Support changes to Missouri’s rules and regulations to allow maximization of federal Medicaid revenue to school districts and full federal funding of school-based Medicaid services.  (MSBA Resolutions:  Federal – Medicaid; Finance – Medicaid)

    Support legislation to ensure future solvency of the Public School and Public Education Retirement Systems while continuing as an independently managed system.  (MSBA Resolutions:  Finance – Retirement Funding; Governance – Public School Retirement System Board)

    Support legislation that reforms tax credits.  (MSBA Resolution:  Finance – Tax Credits)

    Support legislation that increases bonding capacity in school districts. (MSBA Resolution:  Finance – General Obligation Bonds)

    Support legislation that allows districts to establish their own teacher/administrator evaluation model.  (MSBA Resolution:  Governance – Local Control)

    Support legislation that increases accountability and oversight of charter schools. (MSBA Resolution:  Governance – Charter Schools)

    Support legislation that indemnifies school boards from lawsuits.  (MSBA Resolution: Personnel – Immunity)

    Oppose legislation that removes curriculum decision regarding virtual classes from the local level. (MSBA Resolutions: Curriculum and Accountability – Curriculum or Governance – Educational Placement)

    Support legislation to require all charter school board members to live in the school district where the charter school is located.  (MSBA Resolution: Governance – Charter Schools)

    Support the expansion of and access to high capacity broadband internet services throughout Missouri, with an emphasis on rural development of broadband. (Instruction - Technology)

  • Voters strongly support public schools, oppose taking away taxpayer money from them to fund for-profit charter or private schools, according to national poll of likely 2020 voters

    National School Boards Action Center


  • Charter school backers see path forward for expansion in Missouri

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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  • As legislative session begins, lawmakers already clashing with Governor over budget

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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