Missouri - HB362

Modifies provisions for the sunshine law


December 8, 2020


  • Requires a good cause reason to be noted in meeting for why a Board meeting is held virtually.
  • If meeting is held in-person then there must be an in-person option for the public to attend.
  • Provides additional time to respond to record requests if 72-hour notice is given that the governmental body is closed for an extended time outside normal hours of operation.
  • Closes e-mail addresses and telephone numbers submitted to a governmental body for the sole purpose of receiving electronic communications like newsletters, notifications, advisories, alerts, and reports.
  • Allows governmental entities to close evacuation and lockdown procedures and software and the identity of security companies that secure access to buildings.

Similar to HB 177 (Ellebracht) and HB 657 (Trent)

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