Missouri - SB152

An education omnibus bill - Sponsor Senator Denny Hoskins (R-21)


December 1, 2020


House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee has amended and passed: Senate Bill 152 (Hoskins)

It began as a bill to make minor amendments to the MOST program, but was loaded up in the Senate with competency-based education, alternative diploma options, mandatory gifted education, and care plans for students with seizure disorders.  The House committee added the following:

  • Parents allowed to audio record IEP and 504 meetings.
  • Limits the seclusion and restraint of students and increases reporting requirements.
  • Extends an early childhood learning quality assurance program.
  • Provides four-year substitute teacher certification for persons with 32 hours of college credit or has completed online training program.
  • Mandatory gifted education.
  • Changes the process for attaching a school district to a community college.
  • Aligns the MOST program with the federal 529 program.
  • Requires information on in-demand jobs and the costs and completion rates of postsecondary education to be provided to high school students.
  • Extended learning opportunities act
  • School accountability board
  • St. Joseph community college district boundaries
  • Requires use of structured literacy instruction program to teach students with reading deficiencies.
  • Inclement weather make-up day policy
  • Requires any training on suicide prevention to include training on stress management.
  • Changes calculations for small districts with high-need special education student to make it easier for the districts to access state funding.
  • Allows districts to create an innovation plan and apply to the State Board for a waiver of any school statute. 
  • Requires districts to have a policy to accommodate nursing students and employees.
  • Makes amendments to the teacher career ladder statute.
  • Requires school districts to teach cursive writing.

MSBA previously supported this bill, but now opposes it due to the addition of prescriptive reading education mandates that does not allow school districts to meet the individual needs of students.

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Passed Senate and passed out of House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee

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