Missouri - SB55

Senate Bill 55, 23 and 25, also referred to as Senate Education Omnibus Bill


December 1, 2020


  • Tax credit vouchers: $100 million in tax credits. Any student who has attended a public school for at least a semester in the last 12 months or is beginning school can receivea scholarship.Scholarships can be spent on “expenses related to home schooling.
  • Charter school expansion: Would allow charter schools to open with sponsors other than school districts in 65 school districts in Clay, Jackson, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties and in cities with a population of 30,000 or more.SB 55
  • Expands MOCAP, Removes district oversight: Allows parents to enroll students directly with MOCAP vendors. Vendors receive payment directly from the state. Districts can only make recommendations to parents. Vendors can “disenroll” students. Districts are fined if they do not advertise MOCAP.
  • State Board of Education: Members Limited to One Full Term
  • MSHSAA: Prohibits districts from belonging to a statewide activities organization (MSHSAA) that does not allow home schooled students to participate in activities or requires those students to enroll in classes to do so.

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