Missouri - SB55

Senate Bill 55, 23 and 25 (Mega Bill)


December 1, 2020


The Senate Education Committee met very briefly in executive session on Thursday, January 21.  With no discussion, the committee passed (5-4) a substitute bill, that includes all three bills heard earlier in the week on Tuesday. Hostile provisions were added and include school board recall election and turning MOCAP into virtual charter schools. These issues DID NOT have a public hearing. Original bill language in SB 23 and 25 establishes Education Saving Accounts that reduce the budget by $100 million and expanding charter schools to 67 school districts with populations 30,000+. MSBA members Andy Bonderer, Fulton Public Schools and Casey Cook, Cape Girardeau Public Schools testified against SB 23 and 25. Originally, SB 55 included a provision that home school children can compete on school district teams. If not, local districts cannot get funded if they belong to MSHSAA.

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