Tell Md Orchards: Protect Children's Brains, Not Chlorpyrifos

EPA found NO safe levels in food for Chlorpyrifos

Tell Weber's and Butler's Orchards: Protect Maryland Children,
Not Brain-damaging Chlorpyrifos

This year, Maryland lawmakers were blocked from passing a chlorpyrifos ban bill that would protect Maryland children from chlorpyrifos applications on local produce — two of those working to defeat the bill were Butler's Orchard and Weber's Cider Mill Farm.

EPA scientists' determined in 2015, after 20 years of risk assessment, that chlorpyrifos is unsafe at any detectable level, especially for children and pregnant women. Then-EPA administrator Pruitt overturned his own agency's recommendation to ban for all uses of chlorpyrifos, shortly after taking office. 

Exposure to chlorpyrifos has been proven to cause brain damage, reduced IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, childhood cancers, and is linked to autism and ADHD.

Chlorpyrifos is used on fruits and vegetables, including fall fruits like apples and pumpkins, and on golf courses. 

Maryland legislators initiated a state chlorpyrifos ban bill in 2018 to protect our children in light of this scientific evidence. Weber's and Butler's Orchard were strong and vocal opponents of this bill, despite the availability of safer and effective alternative insect controls. 

Now its apple and pumpkin picking season and Weber's and Butler's are inviting families into their orchards and fields; parents have no knowledge of whether the fields and fruit have been treated with dangerous chlorpyrifos.

Please help: email Weber's and Butler's Orchards to tell them to stop protecting chlorpyrifos — and protect Maryland's children instead!


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