Issue Background


Supplemental Budgets With Federal Funds Begin to Move

The House of Representatives has proposed a supplemental to distribute much of the federal education funds Michigan has received from the last two stimulus packages.  

House Bill 4421 distributes $4.2 billion through the School Aid Fund. $840.7 million is distributed through the Title 1A formula as required by the federal law. This bill also includes an “equalization payment” similar to the one included with the first supplemental, House Bill 4048. The rate is increased to $1,093 per pupil, meaning the state will guarantee that every district receives at least that amount.  

The money received under this payment does include spending requirements: 

  • 50% must be dedicated to activities to address learning loss; 
  • 10.3% must be used for implementation of summer enrichment programs; and 
  • 10.3% must be used for the implementation of afterschool programs. 

The bill also includes $45 million for HVAC updates in districts that implement a balanced calendar program in at least one of their building for the 2021-2022 school year and includes $10 million in payments direct to parents for summer programming expenses. 

Finally, the bill includes a requirement that the Governor sign policy legislation in order for the funds to be released. This time, all of the funding except the payments to parents is tied to House Bill 4082 being signed into law. This bill caps the amount of funds the Governor can transfer through the administrative board process at $200,000 before needing legislative approval. 

Athletic Guidance

On April 16, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued their latest guidance on student athetics.  The guidance lays out testing, mask wearing and social distancing requirments for both contact and non contact sports.  For more detailed information please visit the DHHS website.   

Federal Assessments

Ealier this month the U.S. Department of Education denied Michigan's request to waive federal student assessment requirements.  Districts should administer the tests as they have done in previous years for in person students and make availabe the tests for students attending online.

The federal government did however waive accountability penalties for not having at least 95 percent of students take the tests.   


Visit the MASB website at for all the news, resources, guidance documents and more related to the outbreak, the state response and schools.

DHHS  Epidemic Order April 19, 2021 Gatherings and Face Mask Order: Available Here

Executive Order 2021-02 creates COVID-19 Student Recovery Advisory Council: Available here

Executive Order 2020-142 establishes protocols for returning to school in fall: Available here

Executive Order 2020-129 lifts the requirement that school boards meet at least once a month and allows remote meetings: Available here

Frequently asked questions about holding remote meetings from MASB.

Executive Order 2020-110 rescinds the stay at home order, establishes gathering sizes (with social distancing) and loosens some restrictions: Available here

Executive Order 2020-70 opens up construction for schools, residential and commercial: Available here

Executive Order 2020-65 rescinds EO35 to update it and add GSRP, teacher tenure and a few other waivers (still includes the original language from EO35): Available here

Executive Office Summary of EO 65: Available here

Executive Order 2020-35 ends face to face instruction in our schools for 19/20 school year: Available here

Summary of EO 2020-35Available here 


Michigan Department of Education Guidance Memos can all be found here.


Legal Counsel Brad Banasik answers frequently asked questions related to various EOs including ending face-to-face instruction, allowing virtual meetings and extending deadlines for FOIA requests: Watch here