Help Your Local Small Business Survive The Next Disaster

Natural disasters have cost the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in the past decade and are the direct cause of countless businesses shutting down permanently. It is estimated that 40 to 60% of small businesses close due to natural disasters and never reopen.

Go deeper:

The bipartisan Providing Resources for Emergency Preparedness and Resilient Enterprises (PREPARE) Act would provide funding to the Small Business Administration and allow for low interest, fixed rate loans of up to $500,000 to small businesses for implementing measures to protect against future disaster-related damage.

Why you should care:

The boating and fishing communities make a significant contribution (over $170 billion) to our overall economy. Given that 84% of the U.S. recreational boating industry is made up of small businesses, this makes any natural disaster a potentially crippling event to our industry.

Bottom line:

These vital loans will provide small businesses the ability to prepare for and recover from future disasters, without closing their doors permanently.

What you should do:

Act Now! use the link below to send a prewritten letter to your elected officials asking them to support the bipartisan PREPARE Act and make it a priority to pass this important legislation allowing small businesses the ability to prepare for and survive future disasters, without closing their doors.

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