America’s Marine Infrastructure Needs Immediate Attention!

The U.S. labor market lost nearly 10 million jobs due to the pandemic, and the number of workers who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more stands at 4.1 million.

How we got here: As the number of Covid-19 cases ease, states are lifting many of the restrictions that shuttered small businesses and cost Americans their jobs.

Why you should care: Despite better than expected employment numbers in February, the leisure and hospitality industry still have 20 percent fewer jobs.  Also, even if hiring remained at February’s pace, it would still take four and a half years to make up for the jobs lost to the pandemic.

What you can do: By sending the attached, prewritten letter, tell your elected officials supporting an infrastructure modernization bill that includes modernizing America’s outdoor recreation will fuel economic growth and create good paying jobs in communities across America.

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