Oppose Big Pot Spending Bills

The United States House of Representatives recently passed a massive spending bill that the pot industry loaded up with wishlist items. 


Notably, the bill would allow the marijuana industry to set up pot shops in Washington D.C. by removing a long-standing provision in spending bills that expressly prohibited this from occurring.


This is in direct defiance of the budget bill put forward by the Biden-Harris Administration, who wished to keep the provision in place 


The bill also includes provisions shielding banks from being punished for flouting federal law and providing financial services to the marijuana industry and prohibiting the use of federal funds from “interfering” in states that have “legalized” marijuana.


This final provision would effectively prevent the Food and Drug Administration from being able to take action against marijuana companies who flout FDA guidelines. 


Simply put, these provisions are unacceptable from a public health and safety perspective and your senators need to know that these provisions have been included in this massive bill. 


Send a message to your senators now urging them to oppose any spending bill that is loaded up with Big Pot giveaways.