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Issue Background

Disability Waiver Rate System

Hammer is a proud member of the Best Life Alliance and supports efforts to increase wages for Home and Community-Based Services during the 2016 Legislative Session and beyond. You can help by contacting your legislators and sharing your story!

What to Tell Your Legislator  
Please support a rate increase for Minnesota's Home & Community-Based Services during the 2016 Legislative Session and beyond. Services ensure quality of life for 90,000 individuals with disabilities and older adults, and the caregivers who support them.

For Direct Support Professionals and Caregivers:

  • Talk about the services we provide and what impact they have. [They increase independence, allow people to be active participants in their communities,  ensure health and safety, foster skill development, provide job coaching, meet medical needs, allow people to volunteer,  etc.]

  • Talk about open shifts, challenges in competing with other local businesses for workers, or how high turnover affects quality of care. [Open shifts and high turnover make it difficult to do anything more than the basic cares. Quality care depends on consistent, quality staff.]

  • Share creative, new ways we are meeting the changing needs of the people we serve, our staff and our organization.  [How are we using technology, creating new efficiencies, improving health outcomes, creating new opportunities ?]

For Self-Advocates:

  • Describe how the supports you recieve positively impact your life. [Gain independence, support in daily tasks, getting to and from activities or work]
  • How do the supports you recieve help you acheive your personal goals?
  • How does the current DSP shortage affect you? [difficulty scheduling, inconsistent staff, difficulty training new staff]



The Best Life Alliance is a nonpartisan coalition of Minnesota service providers, caregivers, self-advocates, family members, and community partners advocating for Home & Community-Based Services.  We are part of a state-wide movement toward fully person-centered and community-integrated services for people with disabilities and older adults.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for this year’s campaign please contact Terriann.