Urge State and Federal Officials to Support Reproductive Rights

The Supreme Court’s decision overturning the precedent of Roe v. Wade is an attack on American women and their rights to health care, privacy and autonomy. Without federal protection for their rights, states will now be able to severely restrict, limit and ban access to reproductive health care for millions. Now is the time to speak out and stand strong!  Urge your state and federal legislators to safeguard reproductive rights across the country and ensure women’s health is a top priority.         

Hadassah has and always will unequivocally stand for women’s reproductive rights and empowering women with the knowledge to make critical health decisions for themselves and their families.

Restricting access to reproductive health care presents an immediate and urgent threat to women's health and women's rights. States across the country have already begun legal efforts to restrict reproductive health – over 500 reproductive health restrictions have been introduced in 42 states. More than ever before, we need federal legislation to recognize reproductive choice and safeguard this decision equally for women across the country.

We all deserve agency over our own bodies and the autonomy to make reproductive health decisions based on medical guidance, our own values, and what we feel is best for our health, our families and our future.

Right now we need champions of choice to take action to protect women’s health. Urge your legislators to protect women’s reproductive health and the right to choose!