Urge Congress to Support Israel & Her People

Israel is under attack, with hundreds of rockets recently fired by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Both are U.S. designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and both are guilty of indiscriminately targeting women, men and children. Their actions stand in stark contrast to Israelis. In protecting its people, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are acting morally and lawfully to protect innocent life – whether Israeli or Palestinian.

That same value system guides the medical professionals at Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem heroically caring for the wounded no matter who they are or where they come from. Israel is focused on saving lives.

While Israel and Hadassah are well-equipped to stay safe, the danger is real. Today, you can make a difference by ensuring Israel’s greatest friend and ally stands in solidarity against mob violence and terror attacks. Tell your elected leaders that Americans stand with Israel as it acts in self-defense and thank them for providing Israel with the support it needs to defend itself.

Please take action today by telling your Members of Congress to stand strongly with Israel.