Copay Assistance is At Risk in Massachusetts

Send a letter to Senator Spilka explaining the risk

Dear Massachusetts Patient Advocates,

We are reaching out to our Massachusetts 50-State Network Patient Advocates to inform you that copay assistance programs in your state are at risk of expiring. If the Massachusetts Senate does not vote on House Bill 4825, your drug cost will increase dramatically if you use a copay card.

What happens if the Massachusetts State Senate does not act on this law:

As of now, the Massachusetts House has passed an amendment supported by Governor Baker, which will extend access to copay assistance programs into the year 2021.

However, the Senate has NOT yet acted on this amendment and time is running out. Should the Senate not adopt the Governor’s amendment, current law which permits drug company copay assistance programs in the state, will expire July 1, 2019.

This means that Massachusetts residents like you would no longer be able to use copay assistance programs, and therefore would be responsible to pay the full out-of-pocket costs for your prescription drugs.

“I cannot afford my medication without my copay assistance program… What can I do?”

You are not alone. Many people cannot afford their prescription medication out-of-pocket costs without using programs like the copay assistance program. 

Here are three quick and easy ways you can get involved as a 50-State Network Patient Advocate and work to protect your copay benefit:

  1. Send a letter to Senate President Spilka Simply fill out your information below and a prewritten letter (written by GHLF) will be sent directly to Senator Spilka. This letter will be signed by you, explaining why you as a patient would be affected, and requests that immediate action be taken to pass this law.
  2. Share this link to all of your family and friends who also live in Massachusetts – The more letters Senate President Spilka receives from patient advocates like you, the more pressure there is to take immediate action, accept Governor Baker’s amendment to H4825 and allow you to continue to use copay assistance programs for your out-of-pocket prescription medication costs.
  3.  Share your personal story using copay cards – Email our Patient Advocate and Community Outreach Manager, Regis Wagner (, or give him a call at 914-414-4542. We need patient advocate stories, like yours, to be heard especially through platforms like the media, local newspapers, and op-eds where your stories have the potential to reach millions.