Family Violence Prevention and Services Act Reauthorization

Tell Your Representatives to Act Now

Urge Congress to pass the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA), one of the key authorization bills providing funding for programs and resources to combat intimate partner violence. The House of Representatives is considering H.R. 2119 which increases funding levels for programs to support domestic violence shelters and services for survivors, and increases access to funding for tribes, communities of color, and underserved communities. The bill invests in 24-hour hotlines, prevention programs for local communities, and enhances victim services through training and technical assistance.

The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act provides core, flexible funding for 1,500 domestic violence programs and 240 tribes and tribal organizations across the nation. However, while funding has continued due to the strong support of advocates, including GFWC, the authorization for these programs expired at the end of 2015. Training and technical assistance are critical components to prevention, so we can avoid the physical danger and emotional trauma that survivors often experience.