FEW Supports Paid Family Leave, H.R. 564

FEW Supports Paid Family and Medical Leave for Workers!

The United States is the only industrialized country not to mandate paid family leave. 

As we recover from the pandemic and move into the future, families across the country are in need of policies to allow families to care for themselves and each other without having to sacrifice a much-needed paycheck. If H.R. 564 were passed, employees would have the necessary time to recover from illness or care for their sick family members rather than being encouraged to return to work and potentially risk the health of others because they cannot afford childcare or a reduction in their earnings. 

Many women are currently having to choose between work or childcare which not only results in women earning less or choosing not to work at all, but also negatively impacts the entire US economy as capable workers are not participating in the labor economy. 

Proving paid family leave will allow caretakers, who are mostly women, to provide necessary care for elders and children without having to worry about significant reductions in pay, termination, or inability to participate in the labor economy all together.



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