Tell the Governor: Sign Immigrant Workers' Relief Bill

AB 2847 provides help to workers excluded from unemployment benefits

Despite being some of the most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, undocumented immigrant workers (who comprise one in sixteen workers in California and pay over $3 billion in state and local taxes every year) were entirely excluded from unemployment benefits.

During the pandemic, they had some of the highest levels of unemployment in the state, with a peak of 28% in April 2020, and some of the highest rates of deaths in California’s frontline industries.

AB 2847 establishes the Excluded Workers Pilot Program. This program will provide unemployed workers who are ineligible for regular Unemployment Insurance due to their immigration status with $300 per week for up to 20 weeks. It builds on similar successful programs in other states, including New York, Washington, and Colorado, which have shown that these programs can be effective, impactful, efficient, and respect people’s privacy and dignity.