FASNY 2021 priority legislation to ban flame retardants in furniture, mattresses and electronic enclosures (S.4630-B/A.5418-B) - thanks to your advocacy and persistence - passed through both houses and is awaiting delivery to the new Governor for her signature.

Governor Hochul, with her roots in Western New York and her prior work at the county level, is keenly aware how important the volunteer fire service is to New York State's fiscal health and the welfare of the majority of state residents. Please send her office an email today, at link below, to remind her how critical our work is to the state, and how breathing these chemicals contained in household furniture and appliances over years of service has had a proven and direct detrimental impact on our health. Additionally, it has been proven these chemicals cause far more harm than good to the general public which comes into contact with them day in and day out.

We must make our position clear in this final push to passage. Chemical companies which produce these flame retardants, and profit off of dumping them into any item they can, are pouring money into a campaign to mislead legislators that firefighters oppose this bill.

FASNY urges you to click the button below to email the Governor's office and tell Albany we SUPPORT this bill - and support the health of our firefighters as well as of members of our communities.

Let’s take the next step to fight cancer within our ranks and unnecessary chemicals in our communities. Please click the link below to email Governor Hochul's office today.

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