Issue Background

Trauma Care

As emergency nurses, we understand the importance and necessity for fully developed and all-inclusive trauma systems in every state in the union. Unfortunately, only eight states have fully developed trauma systems. Trauma is the leading cause of death for people aged 1 to 44 and 35 million people are treated annually for accidents and unintended injury. Yet 45 million Americans are unable to reach a trauma center within one hour following injury. In addition to these horrible statistics, trauma centers struggle to remain open; more than 21 have shut their doors over the past decade.

Due to the importance of proper trauma care and the current situation, we have made the advancement of our nation’s trauma and emergency care systems one of our top legislative priorities.

We must see fully developed trauma systems in all 50 states, including the ability for them to work regionally across state lines. To accomplish this goal though, we must prevent further trauma center closures and eventually have the ability to add trauma centers across the country.