Ask Your Congressman to Support Bi-partisan Climate Legislation

Prudent Action is Urgently Needed

If you are concerned about climate change, how is impacting your state, and the risk it poses to our children's future, your elected officials in Congress need to hear from you.

Conservative lawmakers must be engaged in crafting the solutions, this problem is too important to be ceded to the left. As Ronald Reagan wisely said "...preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it’s common sense." 

There are several smart,  bi-partisan, market-friendly bills designed to reduce the pollution contributing to climate change. One of these is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which was crafted by President Reagan's Chief of Staff (James Baker) and Secretary of State (George Schulz).

The bill will reduce greenhouse gas pollution by placing a fee on fossil fuels to spur innovation and encourage the use of cleaner energy sources.  Money collected from the carbon fee will be allocated in equal shares every month to the American people to spend as they see fit. The government would not keep any of the money from the fee.

While conservatives in Congress privately recognize the need to address climate change, many have been reluctant to actively engage on the issue.

A little encouragement from fellow conservatives can go a long way towards altering this dynamic, and making it easier for them to engage constructively and support smart solutions.

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