Arizona Clean Energy Infrastructure

Tell your members of Congress to invest in clean energy infrastructure

The energy market is changing dramatically in ways that play to Arizona’s strengths.  One of those strengths is abundant sunshine; in fact, no state is sunnier. Luckily, solar electricity generated here in the Grand Canyon State is now much cheaper than electricity generated using out-of-state coal or natural gas. This should be a boon for Arizona.

However, taking full advantage of this new energy market reality means that we have to make the right infrastructure investments. That includes adequate power line and smart grid coverage to connect new solar plus storage facilities, building out our charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles—both commercial and private, and rapid integration of new technologies that will continue to fuel this boon.

If we do not go all in and really grab this opportunity, Arizonan’s could lose out big time. Neighboring states are already ahead of Arizona in some ways, and then there is China.

China has been investing tons of money and working overtime to corner the market on new energy technology, and to produce the products that drive its expansion in the marketplace.

Arizona and the rest of the United States has to meet that challenge head on, or else the lion’s share of this new economic driver, and the jobs that go with it, will be overseas.

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