FPL Wants to Raise Your Electricity Rates

Florida Power and Light (FPL) wants to raise its customers' electricy rates by $1.53 billion, and it has asked the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) for permission to do just that. If the PSC approves the proposed settlement, the price of your electricity bill will go up 18 percent.

FPL has peddled all sorts of excuses for seeking this rate increase, but this is profiteering pure and simple. The company wants you to pay for its own mistakes and shennanigans.

One such mistake is the stunning, and costly, lack of diversity in its energy mix. FPL relies far too heavily on gas generation, which is getting more expensive due to old plants growing more expensive to maintain and natural gas prices going up due to global market trends.

When you add in the cost of FPL's fines for illegal behavior, and the high pricetag of its influence peddling, the notion of putting all of this cost burden on ratepayers is even more outrageous. 

Why should Florida ratepayers be burdened by the mistakes and bad decisions made by FPL? 

As long as FPL can get the FPSC to accept the settlement and rate increases, they can prop up those assets, forestall plant retirement, and pass the cost on to their customers. Unless the FPSC rejects the settlement, Floridans will continue being saddled with higher and higher rates to subsidize the bad decisions of FPL. 

Tell FPSC commissioners to reject the settlement and rate increases proposed by Florida Power & Light and protect you and other Florida Taxpayers. 

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