Restore Common Sense Limits on Energy Waste

Methane Leaks and Flaring Wastes Energy and Pollute Our Air

There is nothing conservative about energy waste.


When methane, the main component of natural gas, is allowed to leak from across the oil and gas supply chain, this is a waste of American energy. It is also a "lose-lose" for consumers who, as a result, face higher energy costs, see fewer royalties returning to their communities to support critical infrastructure, and deal with worsening air quality and threats to our climate.


Thankfully there’s a resolution before the U.S. House of Representatives that, if passed, will rein in this waste by getting federal standards to reduce methane waste and pollution back on track. Companies who already have best practices in place to prevent this waste, such as Shell and BP, support this common-sense legislation.

Please act now! You can quickly and easily send the prewritten, and fully editable, letter below to your member of Congress. It tells them to do the conservate thing and support House Joint Resolution 34, a CRA resolution that will give us a cleaner and more secure energy future by reducing harmful methane waste and pollution.

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