Ask Governor DeSantis to Veto Local Preemption Bill HB 919

Legislation Seeks to Strip Localities of their Authority to Enact Energy Related Laws.

Conservatives have always said that the best government is the one closest to the people. A bill currently sitting on the Governor’s desk. House Bill 919, would completely prohibit local governments from enacting energy related laws that are in the best interests of their residents. Instead, Floridians would be force fed edicts handed down from Tallahassee.

HB 919, by preventing local governments from having any say in our energy policy and infrastructure, the entire state would be subject to one-size-fits-all policies that are heavily influenced by lobbyists for the state's monopoly utilities--the same utilites that are trying to raise your electricity rates.

If signed into law, this bill will erase  positive steps that local leaders have made towards diversifying their local community’s energy sources. One step forward, five steps back.  These bills will raise costs for families and businesses across the state of Florida.

HB 919 will take power from Florida's towns, cities, and counties--and the people they serve--in order to give more power to  monopoly utilities and the politicians who advance their interests. Governor Ron DeSantis must veto this bill and reject this concentration of power that threatens our liberty.

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