Protect AP Funding
Issue Background

Title IV Funding

Action Needed:

We need to ensure that low-income students can continue to access federal funding for their AP Exams. Contact your Senators and Member of Congress to urge strong Title IV funding in the FY2018 federal budget

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law in December 2015, makes important changes to federal funding for low-income AP students. States are no longer able to access funds through the federal AP Test Fee Program, which expired in 2016. The program was consolidated with many other education programs under the ESSA Title IV block grant.

Details about the new Title IV block grant:

  • States and districts can increase AP participation using Title IV-A funds for the following allowable activities:
  • Providing funding to cover part or all of the cost of AP Exam fees for low-income students;
  • Increasing student access to and improving student achievement in postsecondary level instruction and exams, including AP; and
  • Funding specific AP courses/exams.
  • Funds under the Title IV-A block grant will be distributed through formula grants to states based on the Title I funding formula. States will then allocate at least 95% of Title IV-A funds to local educational agencies.
  • Congress provided $400 million for the Title IV-A block  grant in the FY2017 federal budget.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that there may be state and local laws that limit or restrict the use of school resources for legislative outreach or that restrict your ability to communicate with your elected officials in an official capacity. The College Board suggests that any efforts you undertake to reach out to your legislators be done on your personal time, in your personal capacity. You should direct any questions about these restrictions to your school officials or other supervisor. You should not consider this call to action from The College Board as a request to engage in activities that are limited or prohibited under state or local law.