Issue Background

Bundy Aid and Opportunity Programs Keep College Affordable and Accessible

New York should fully fund opportunity programs and Bundy Aid. These student aid programs help students earn a higher education, and that's good for the entire state. 


For 50 years, Bundy Aid has been a critical source of funding for campuses. It is earned on the basis of the number of degrees conferred and is used to fund student aid and other student support programs. The Bundy Aid program is student-focused and outcome-based and is an example of the best kind of public-private partnership. 

For decades, New York has impoved access to higher education for talented but needy students through opportunity programs including the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), Science and Technology Entry programs (STEP/C-STEP) and the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP)

"We think it clear that the value of these institutions to New York is so great that such assistance is justified. And we believe without it there is likely to be serious deterioration in one of the state's greatest assets -- her remarkable array of strong and diversified private colleges and universities."

Report of the Select Committee on the Future of Private and Independent Higher Education in New York State, 1968. Chaired by McGeorge Bundy.