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Activists Wanted!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

If you understand that restoring and protecting your right to bear arms does not end with your AzCDL membership donation, then you are an activist and we are proud you are a member. 

The only thing that will ensure that your state legislators keep their promise to uphold the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions is pressure from you.  Your AzCDL membership donations buy you two very powerful tools for protecting your rights.  The first is two full time lobbyists who work tirelessly at the Legislature.  They testify at hearings and work behind the scenes promoting pro-rights bills and calling attention to bad bills.

The second and equally important tool is this Legislative Action Center.  This is the same tool used by several national pro-rights firearms organizations for contacting Congress and the White House.

AzCDL’s Legislative Action Center is where you get to personally demand that Arizona legislators and the Governor protect your rights. Nothing gets a politician’s attention more than receiving several thousand constituent letters demanding their support on legislation.  And, we make it easy for you with pre-written messages that take less than a minute of your time to send out.

Your active involvement and support are vital if you want to help restore, protect and preserve your right to keep and bear arms in Arizona.  Without your support, AzCDL’s influence on the legislature is weakened.

Support Freedom – Become an Activist!